Vacating your Rental Property?

As a tenant who wants to vacate  their rental property, it is your responsibility to give the landlord written notice that you wish to vacate. Providing 21 days written notice is compulsory and you are advised to use the form below.

If you are on a fixed term tenancy and wish to break your lease, please phone your Property Manager.

Before you vacate the property please ensure that you have completed the following tasks.

– Ensure your Property Manager has your new forwarding address and phone number

– You pay your rent until the vacating date

– Return all keys to your Property Manager including letterbox keys

– Arrange disconnection of your telephone, electricity and gas supply

– Re-direct all mail to your new address

– Clean the property using the Cleaning/Gardening Guide

As soon as you have finalised the date (21 days from notice) you will be vacating, please contact your Property Manager to arrange an out-going inspection. At this inspection your Property Manager will follow the provided cleaning guide,  you will release the keys, the water meter will be read and you will be advised on how much is due for water, which can be paid out of your bond.

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